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Basic set-up guide for Stage One ca. 2014

It has to be here somewhere, but I haven't found it: a very basic guide to setting up a Stage One/Stage R slider/motor. I bought my unit when the Stage R first came out, but have only used it without the motor so far. Now, it appears that there has been an update, for which detailed instructions are available. What about the ca. 2014 Stage One/Stage R? Could someone direct me to VERY detailed, step-by-step instructions? Thanks!

Bob C


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I think the phrase in the American South is, "Well, shut my mouth!" There is plenty of good advice on the Dynamic Perception website, although finding it was, obviously, a bit of a challenge. The NMX app has lots of good internal documentation, and the PDF file is excellent too. It would've been great to get a User's Guide with all the hardware, although I am sure the DP staff was working their tails off getting the orders out.

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