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...Missing Info?

...Howdy, Guys!

While checking out the 1.1 Otter update for the MX3, under the 'Settings/Sensors'
heading, there is a function called, 'Voltage Threshold', and mine defaults to 10.5,
but there is no info for this in the July 10th, 2014 MX3 my questions:

a)...What is this for?...( my guess is this is the lowest voltage level before the MX3 stops working properly? )...

b)..Should we ever need to change it from 10.5?......and Why?

c)...Why isn't this listed in the new manual update?



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Hello Memory!

Hey great find, man I wish I was perfect but I'm not. You are right that's the Sensor>Voltage Threshold for low voltage warning. If you would like you can adjust this value to come at a higher or lower level. For example if you had a 19V battery you might want to set this threshold to 17.5. Or if you would like the warning to come sooner or later based on your input voltage.

C) I'm not perfect sir, but I'm working every day for our customers and will keep on trying to educate and assist.

Jay Burlage
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...Howdy, Jay!

OK..Thanks for the reply and explanation! But go way back to your early school-daze, and recall the old question:
Q:...Why is there an eraser on a number-2 pencil?
A:...Because NOBODY is perfect!.....LOL!...

...You DPI-Guys have developed this cool stuff from conception, and so know it backwards and forwards. Us end-users are learning by trial-n-error, learning as we go. So when ya post there is a new update to MX3 software and a new manual, WE have to go over each item to see what has been changed, comparing the MX3 unit and the manual.

...That's the only reason I found that. I like to think that y'all create the goodies...( but are probably too darn busy to use them as much as ya would like to? ) those of us who buy the goodies should be part of the development process by giving y'all positive feedback whenever we can!

...Hey!...Thanks for the Goodies!.............Cheers!..........Memory-Lapse....

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