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...Is This Normal-or an Anomoly?

...Howdy, Guys!

I have been testing out the new features on the MX3 and the 1.1 Otter update, and have come across something that took a few days to uncover.

I would input a Max-Shots number, but no matter what that particular number would be, I would only get HALF the number of total frames? It did not matter whether I was using the MX3 in 'Dolly' or 'Pan/Tilt' mode, or how many Max-Shots I asked for, it would only give me 50% before it shut off?

After using the 'scientific-method', and eliminating one thing at a time, I finally narrowed it down to the 'Repeat-Shots' feature. I had it set to '1' to activate the mirror-lockup on my Canon, as I do a lot of long-exposure astrophotography.
The MX3 considers the mirror-lockup signal to be the same as an exposure, so for each actual image the camera took, the MX3 registered it as TWO shots!

Is this Normal?...or is it an Anomaly?...and either way, wouldn't it be nice to mention this 'feature' in the manual, don't ya think? Something like:
*Note: When using the 'Repeat-Shots' function for mirror-lockup, the MX3 will register TWO shots for every ONE shot actually exposed.

...( also, this defaults to '0', and if ya use the 'UP' button on the MX3, it reads '1' as expected...but if ya push the 'DOWN' button, it registers '255'...???

Am I missing something here?...If this function is mainly to trigger mirror-lockup, WHY have a number range from 2~255? Why not just 0~1? )


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Certainly Memory, it sounds like you have found a bug. We will look into adjusting that math for the proper max shots. My deepest apologies, if we had found this bug before you we would have repaired it. I appreciate that you have found this, for the moment you can take note and in the next firmware update we will fix it!

Okay you have a great point and have found another area where we can improve the user interface. I agree you would really only want it on or off just like MUP.

Jay Burlage
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...Howdy, Jay!

...Whenever I come across a bit of info that is puzzling, I naturally always assume it is cos I don't get it right in the first place. It may be self-deprecating, but usually a safe place to start for me! ...LOL!

...No need to apologize, Pal!...But I do appreciate the thought! But as I stated in another answer, I feel the folks who buy your cool stuff are part of the overall development process, as we get to try these goodies out in the field under adverse conditions, and sometimes discover an aspect that could be changed or improved or simplified, etc. It is our 'duty' to give y'all feedback whenever possible. I guess us End-Users could be looked upon as a final-filter, or virtual beta-test team?

...Constant 2-way communication helps us All improve in the long run!

...Many Thanks for being a company with such great after-sales support!


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