Motor Overhang Adapter Assembly Instructions

The Motor invert adapter or "motor drop kit" provides added flexibility and freedom of movement on the Stage One and Stage Zero cart by re-positioning the motor below and to the side for a 100% clear cart top surface.

Installation is easy but several small detailed steps are required.

IMPORTANT: Please read the following instructions carefully and follow along with the photo example steps. Improper installation may result in damage to the motor driver pulley or the quick snap motor drive shaft. If you have any questions you can reach us directly at 734-237-3779



The motor invert kit repositions the quick snap motor port (shown below). In most cases the motor quick snap system was pre-installed on your Stage One or Stage Zero carts here at our Michigan HQ USA. If you do not have a quick snap motor port you can find it here

You will also need a hex tool, included with all system purchases or easily found at any hardware store.

The speed doubler pulley is optional. 


Step 1: Remove the cart and prep for install

For installation un-thread the slider belt and remove the cart from the slider base. A Stage One PLUS cart is shown here however the installation process on the Stage Zero system is identical. Make sure you've removed any installed motor.  

Step 2: First loosen the silver pulley

Before we can remove the quick snap port we need to remove the silver pulley underneath it. Position the cart so you can see the pulley clearly and first rotate it by hand. You'll notice two small hex-head worm screws as you turn it. One is silver and one is black.

[The silver screw adjusts the drive shaft's grip on an inserted motor, it functions to reduce mechanical backlash, or space or "air" required to make a motor swappable by hand.] The black worm-screw holds the pulley in place on the quick snap shaft. This is the one we want to remove fully and carefully set aside to be reinserted later. Remove the black hex worm-screw which will release the pulley and allows it to "float" freely up and down. When we remove the top plate in the next step the pulley will drop out. 


 Step 3: Remove the quick snap port above

Use your hex tool to remove the two silver bolts holding the quick snap motor port to the cart. Set these screws aside to be saved as backups/spares for the future.

Continue and fully remove the quick snap motor port from the cart. The pulley will drop out below. If you have a Stage One PLUS cart it will look like this:


Step 4: Reattach a pulley (original or speed doubler) to the quick snap shaft

Next we'll assemble the motor invert kit in a precise order and orientation. Carefully follow these instructions to re-attach your original small silver pulley or the much larger speed doubler pulley (optional add on item) while we have room to do so.

IMPORTANT: Rotate the quick snap drive shift until you see the pre-drilled alignment holes, there are two. Choose the shaft hole farthest from the plate and match this up with the black worm screw on either the original or speed doubler pulley.  

Slide it downward to align them precisely and tighten the worm screw. You'll feel if they are lined up properly as you tighten the black screw. The pulley should now be securely locked in place at the right position.

Step 5: Attach the invert shelf to the motor port

Now attach the overhang adapter to the underside of the motor port as shown. IMPORTANT: Double check the orientation: the overhang 90 degree mount points create a "shelf" to hang from, it should be on the same side as the longest flat part of the quick snap port as shown. 


Again check the orientation, it should match below. Tighten the included hex bolts firmly into the motor port as shown.



Step 6: Attach the inverted motor mount

"Hang" the inverted motor mount on the side of the cart as shown. Use the included hex mount bolts to tighten it firmly in place. It should be snug and secure. 

A correctly installed motor invert kit:


Last Step: Belt, motor and motor tighten adjustment 

Reattach the cart to the slider base. Thread the belt as normal and snap a motor in place, this time from the underside.

IMPORTANT: After inserting the motor we strongly recommend using the motor tightening adjustment to secure the motor in place. Rotate the pulley to find the protruding silver worm screw and hand tighten it to lock the motor into the mount. Loosen to remove the motor.  

DANGER: Failure to tighten the motor adjustment screw with an inverted motor may result in the slider motor loosening over time and potentially falling out of the quick snap port. Tighten it. Just do it.

Final assembly with doubler pulley installed.

Final assembly with original pulley installed.

Standing by if you need any assistance.

You can reach us at 734-237-3779


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