NMX Motion App V3 Detailed Walkthrough (video)

NMX Motion App V3 Walkthrough, currently available on iOS (Apple) devices

Free download here:

We've packed even more new features into this release, here is a complete walkthrough:


NMX Motion v3.0 for iOS (Apple Mobile) Detailed Overview: Timelapse and Video Motion Controller from Dynamic Perception on Vimeo.

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    Christopher DeAntonio

    I'm getting a bit hung up on having to set Exposure in the time lapse settings. What if I am shooting a time lapse in aperture priority mode where my shutter speed is changing (e.g. sunset) or holy grail method where I'm bulb ramping. Does it really matter? Or do I just want to set it to what my LONGEST shutter speed will be... or... just worry about internal, which is what I normally do?

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