Cold weather & dark sky - packaging foam mod for NMX

 As we head into the cold season more questions pop up on how best to handle the challenges colder temps present. Cold can sap the power out of batteries and it can also effect Bluetooth communication. To help keep things running smoothly as temps start to dip below the freezing zone we want to keep the ambient temperature up.  The heat produced from the motor drivers can be used to keep the core of the bluetooth and battery warm. To get the maximum effect turn the power save feature off on all three motor drivers, if temps are not extreme even one or two motor drivers with power save off will keep temps up. To capture the heat and keep it where it matters most we need some insulation, the packaging for the NMX fits perfectly and serves well. Some careful cuts for cable access and by placing the controllers aluminum top (heat sink) inside will retain the heat produced by the motor drivers. An added benefit is the simple & effective blackout of control lights for dark sky nights.

For Extreme Cold! Hand warmers or heat strips can do wonders, sandwiching a hand-warmer between the NMX and battery can extend the life of the battery and improve bluetooth communication. In this case reversing the NMX so that the foam is to the outside and creating direct contact with both battery and NMX for best results.  

Warning NOTE! Use caution if weather conditions are extremely warm, although the motor drivers and foam can easily withstand 110ish degrees, you do want to allow the motor drivers to release heat as much as possible in tropical climates.            

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