NMX Motion App V2 Walkthrough (video)

NMX Motion App V2 Walkthrough for Android devices

Free download here:

We've packed a ton of new features into this new release, here are the highlights:

- New 'Motor Ramping' screen allowing for independent control over lead-in still time, acceleration period, deceleration period and lead-out still time. Get creative shots by adjusting how each axis behaves or keep it simple and completely disable all lead in and motor speed feathering.

- Bevy of adjustments to the interface; based on feedback we've created more room around buttons for ease of use and re-arranged some elements to prevent accidental unwanted button touches.

- Much improved communication error and out of range handling; the app now handles much of this under the hood but if you do experience a random communication drop the app makes reconnecting simple and convenient.

- New offline status updates; when walking out of Bluetooth range the app will let you know it's disconnected but the status screen will continue to give you updates on time remaining/shots. Once back in range tapping the 'reconnect' button will re-establish the connection and use is back to normal.

- Device naming now supported; give your NMX it a unique name to easily identify your NMX controller when your out with a group of fellow NMX shooters!

- Live Battery Voltage update; simply tap the 'settings/gear' button to get updates on voltage at the NMX to make sure your battery is still fresh.

- New 'Flip' Start and End points button; have the system start where you set the end.

- New backlash setting; get that little bit of slack out of your system gearing before the program starts.

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