NMX Dragon Frame Support

NMX firmware version .31 (and up) now includes support for the popular Dragon Frame software:

How to enter Dragon Frame mode:

-After powering the NMX hold the Emergency Stop button for 5 seconds.  The three blue motor driver lights will cycle in a pattern letting you know the controller has entered Dragon Frame mode.  

Connecting to Dragon Frame:

-Once the NMX is in DF mode connect via micro-USB cable and make sure the drivers are properly loaded (for Windows you can use the drivers included in the DP Web Updater in the 'drivers' folder) The operating system should assign a COM port to the NMX, take note of it.

Note: each 'channel' corresponds to the motor port ie channel 1 is motor port 1 etc.

Power Save Modes and Dragon Frame Mode:

The NMX will retain the same power save mode for each motor port currently set on the NMX, if power save is needed (or not needed) set the desired setting through the Android or iOS app, then reboot the NMX and enter DF mode.

Learn more about Power Save Mode: HERE

Microstepping and Dragon Frame Mode:

We have set the microstep mode to 8X by default in Dragon Frame mode, this mode provides a good balance of accuracy and speed. 

Maximum Step Rate:

We've found that a max step rate setting of 15,000 works well with Dragon Frame. This may vary from motor to motor, if you have issues with missed steps reduce the max rate setting in Dragon Frame.

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