Stage One PLUS Assembly Guide

Stage One PLUS Assembly

The Stage One PLUS bundle is a ready-to-run travel and adventure package: Expandable and collapsible it’s perfect for backpacks, carry-on luggage and camera bags. For new customers a quick review of this assembly guide will ensure you get the best results from your slider. 

On the bottom of the end caps you'll notice two bolts that hold the the rail clamps in place. Loosen the rail locking clamp bolts on the on the left and right underside in preparation to mount the rails. 

Slide the female side of the rail through the end cap clamps far enough to be gripped by the entire clamp. Sometimes it's easier to place the the endcap upside-down and look at the underside of the system. 

Repeat insertion for the second side and tighten the bottom clamps to a snug fit with your hex tool.

Optional: It's a great idea to keep both male and female rail protectors (the rubber caps found pre-inserted on new rail sets) as they provide excellent protection against dirt/sand/crud that can affect seamless rail connectivity if threads become blocked or damaged. 

Locate the midspan supports. One midspan is included for every 20 inches of rail purchased. It's found inside each extension set box.

With only one section assembled its simple to slide on midspan supports to be re-positioned and locked in place later. 

We have a 40 inch total system in this example so we'll slide on a second midspan support.

Now flip the system over so we are now looking at the top of the system. Slide the cart onto the rails being careful to match the motor driver side with the side the belt clips are located. (indicated by the red line in the photo below) This will ensure the belt can be connected from one endcap, around the idlers and pulley and to the other end unobstructed. 

Add additional rail sections by threading end to end, take care threading to prevent cross threading. They should go together easily, do not force.

Loosen the rail locking clamp bolts on the on the remaining system endcap and slide onto the rails again matching the belt clip side with the cart motor side.


Tighten the remaining endcap snugly at the end of the rail span. 

Position the midspans:
Slide the midspan supports to locations near the center of your total slider span. The midspans help maintain proper positioning of the rails and also allow the connection of additional tripods, monopods etc (especially important for longer slider builds longer than five feet). Tighten the midspans in place. 


Threading the belt:
Start by connecting the belt to one endcap as shown. Tighten with thumbscrew or use hex tool for a tighter grip.

Thread the belt under the center of the cart and around the first black idler pulley, then thread the belt between the idler pulley and the toothed drive pulley and out the side of the cart. We are beginning to form that loop shown below.

Sometimes it is helpful to view the system from the bottom if you find it difficult to see through a side-view. 


Thread the belt back around the toothed drive pulley and between the idler and drive pulley. Then round the second idler pulley and pull the belt slack from the middle under the cart.

Make sure there are no twists, pull the belt taught and mesh with the belt clip teeth.  Tighten the belt clip and repeat the process on the other side ensuring there is no slack in the belt and the belt is fully meshed with the toothed drive pulley on the cart. 



 Fully assembled Stage One PLUS system shown with optional Bi-Pod leg supports.

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