Graffik 2.0 Motion Editor Overview

Graffik 2.1 downloads:

Graffik Download for PC Windows 8-10

Graffik Download for MAC OSX 


Graffik 2.0 and the NMX Controller

Design complex timelapse and video movements with full repeat-ability for visual effects, precision curve controls for perfect ease ins and ease outs, automatic rescaling and more, all in an easy-to-use visual environment.


Graffik 2.0 works with the digital NMX motion controller via USB tether. Once program execution begins the system is fully autonomous allowing you to power down your laptop or use your tablet elsewhere.  

Digital Editable Keyframes

Quickly edit and smooth up to 255 digital keyframes. Set positions based on exact motor locations or drag points to any time or place. Simple curve manipulations for perfect ease in and ease outs. 

Timelapse, Video and Stop Motion Animation

Automatic timelapse and video calculations mean less time with numbers and more time on story. Utilize NMX "slave" mode to execute complex stop motion movements and the system waits for your trigger before moving to the next position.  

Repeatability +  Auto Timescaling

Replay your shot over and over for precise visual effects and timelapse/video blending, even change the duration of a desired movement and Graffik automatically re-scales and adjusts. 

Failsafe Boundaries

Set physical or virtual rig boundaries and never worry about exceeding the limits of your specific camera motion setup.  

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  • Avatar
    zaren templeton

    This looks awesome, Just a couple of question, what is backlash?

    And what does changing the resolution effect.

    Sorry if these are dumb questions, i'm new to the digital motion game!!

  • Avatar
    Jay Burlage

    Backlash is to take up any slack in the gearing when a motor reverses direction. Usually a setting around 100-300max works great.

    Resolution is similar to setting the top speed of the motor axis.. With course you can move the motor the fastest and fine the motor moves the slowest. This can be combined with joystick speed slider to get very fine, slow & precise movement when jogging the motor or more course, quick & basic movement.

  • Avatar
    zaren templeton

    Thank you Jay, this makes sense now. I managed to get out today and test out some moves, it is really easy to use i love it, so many possibilities!

    Thanks again


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