Graffik 1.0 for Windows PC & Tablet (depreciated)

Please find the download and landing page for Graffik 2.0 here




The following link is depreciated: Graffik 1.0



Graffik for Windows Setup (.11)

Requirements: Windows Vista, 7 or 8

Direct link:

NMX USB Windows Drivers


1. Follow the instructions to install the NMX USB windows drivers

2. Download the Executable Setup file above and run

3. If the Windows OS security settings block the installation click 'more info' and 'install anyway' (We simply haven't registered the program with Microsoft and thus the warning)

4. Once installation is complete it's best to create a shortcut to Graffik (by default located at Program Files(x86)/Graffik/Graffik.exe)

Open Source Code:


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