NMX Windows USB Drivers (download and instructions)

Windows 10 will automatically load a generic "USB Serial Device" driver which is fully compatible with the NMX, you can take note of the COM port assigned to the NMX by launching the "Device Manager" and looking in the "Ports (COM&LPT)" section.  For Windows 7 & 8 you will need to manually load the drivers:

NMX Windows 7 & 8 Drivers (.zip file)

Understanding the two NMX windows drivers

The NMX Motion Controller has TWO different drivers; one for 'bootloader state' (or firmware upload mode) and one for 'regular USB communication state'. If you hold the Emergency Stop button while connecting the USB this puts the controller in 'bootloader state', if you do not hold the Emergency Stop button while connecting via USB the controller will connect in 'regular USB communication state'.  To access the controller in either state you will need to load the driver for that particular state..

How to load the NMX Windows drivers

1. Connect the NMX via Micro-USB to an available USB port on your Windows system

2. Ignore/cancel any automatic Windows driver update: we will need to manually point windows to the proper driver.

3. Download the NMX Windows Drivers from the link above

4. Unzip the 'NMX Drivers' folder onto your desktop (or location of your choice)

5. Launch the Windows Device Manager (use the Windows search function to find quickly)

6. Look for the 'Other Devices' category, you should see 'Dynamic Perception CDC Serial' or 'LUFA CDC-ACM Virtual Serial Port' (regular USB communication state) or 'LUFA CDC Bootloader' (bootloader state)

7. Right click on the device and choose 'Update Driver Software...'

8. Choose 'Browse my computer for driver software'

9. Browse for the NMX Drivers folder you unzipped to the desktop (Desktop/NMX Drivers) and click next

10. Windows will load the drivers (click okay if there are any warnings) and assign the NMX a COM port.

That's it, this process will only need to be completed once per USB state, windows will automatically re-connect and use the same COM port.

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    Michael Tenbuuren

    I have just purchased a MS Surface Pro tablet & are having no end of trouble trying to get Graffik 2.1.0 to function.
    I am unclear on how to add the drivers (being a novice on PC's) & find the instructions confusing.
    Is there a step by step procedure to follow? Device manager for W10 Pro does not have an "other devices" or "ports" category (else it is called something else).
    Any help is appreciated.
    Many thanks.

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