NMX Motion App Communication Error!

We've worked very hard to insure the NMX Controller and the Android/iOS apps are stable and maintain a solid data connection, but there are exceptions where communication errors may occur (from common to rare):

  • Moving out of Bluetooth range (approximately 30 feet)
  • Extreme temperatures (particularly extreme cold See: Cold Weather NMX Mod )
  • The Phone/Tablet going into 'power-save/sleep mode' potentially temporarily disabling Bluetooth
  • Other apps interfering with communication or an overload of apps running at the same time on the device
  • Strong broadcast signals/radio towers nearby may cause momentary interference.
  • NMX Bluetooth module lockups (extremely rare, contact us @ if re-occurring! Symptom: bluetooth light will stay solid even if no device is connected, needs NMX power cycle to clear)

If Constant and Persistent Communication Errors:

first double check that you have the latest firmware loaded on the NMX and the latest version of the NMX Motion app. Use the 'gear icon' in the app to see what app and firmware versions you are currently running. Contact us at or call us if you have consistent issues that don't clear with an app or NMX restart.  

If Random Communication Error:

don't panic first and foremost the NMX controller has NEVER lost any information/points you have set or if the NMX is currently running a program a communication error will NEVER interfere with the running program.

NMX Motion apps v3 and higher will attempt to re-establish the communication link automatically or will give you the option to manually reconnect! 

Worse case scenario: simply shut down the NMX Motion app on your phone/tablet and re-launch it. You can pickup where you left off, all settings are saved at the NMX unless you power cycle the NMX. For the cleanest error free experience keep it simple, shut down the NMX Motion app when your not actively using it and relaunch when you need to check current status or acively control the NMX.


Watch this video on how to properly shut down an app!  


Watch this video on how to properly shut down an app!


Shutting an app down varies from device to device but usually there is an 'App Stack' button:

Tap the app stack button, a vertical list of current apps running will appear, swipe left or right to shut down the app.


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