NMX API, Stand alone command line and Detailed Command Set

The NMX uses a simple HEX command structure for communication and status queries, the NMX can be address through USB, Mocobus or Bluetooth. 

For top level communication the API is available:

NMX Command Coms API

For basic command line and macro development the Command Line is available:

NMX Command Line Interface

For detailed HEX command set the entire command structure is available:

Detailed NMX Command Set

Sample command sets

Additional Helpful information!

DP Stepper 19:1 (actual 19 9/19 : 1) gearbox output

360° rotation = ~15579 1/4 steps, ~31158 1/8 steps,  ~62316 1/16 steps

Stage-R (actual 3 3/11 : 1) output (with 19:1 motor):
180° rotation = ~25493 1/4 steps, ~50986 1/8 steps, ~101973 1/16 steps
NOTE: Because none of the gearing comes out to an integer ratio, you can't actually hit exactly one rotation or half of a rotation, but all of these are within 0.5 of their respective microsteps (extremely low margin of error).
Other useful information for people who are more familiar with motors and gearing:
Step angle: 1.8°
Steps / rotation: 200
Gearbox ratio: 19 + 9/19 : 1
Stage-R ratio: 3 + 3/11 : 1
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    Marc Notenboom

    I build my 2.5m long 3D scan rig and stored the scan routine in the NMX. It is working great and the human spinning platform has no problems with the weight. I tried a customer weighing 136kg!
    Now I need a shortcut or windows .BAT file to easily execute the stored scanning routine. Do you have an example? I guess it would have to contain: go to start - start - go to start

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