NMX Motion iOS App (on iTunes)

Click on the link below to download the NMX Motion app from iTunes:

 UPDATE! NMX Motion V3.5 Now Available for Download!

We've packed a ton of new features into this new release, here are the highlights:

- New 'Motor Ramping' screen allowing for independent control over lead-in still time, acceleration period, deceleration period and lead-out still time. Get creative shots by adjusting how each axis behaves or keep it simple and completely disable all lead in and motor speed feathering. 

- Bevy of adjustments to the interface; based on feedback we've created more room around buttons for ease of use and re-arranged some elements to prevent accidental unwanted button touches. 

- Much improved communication error and out of range handling; the app now handles much of this under the hood but if you do experience a random communication drop the app makes reconnecting simple and convenient.

- New offline status updates; when walking out of Bluetooth range the app will let you know it's disconnected but the status screen will continue to give you updates on time remaining/shots.  Once back in range tapping the 'reconnect' button will re-establish the connection and use is back to normal.  

- Device naming now supported; give your NMX it a unique name to easily identify your NMX controller when your out with a group of fellow NMX shooters!

- Live Battery Voltage update; simply tap the 'settings/gear' button to get updates on voltage at the NMX to make sure your battery is still fresh.

- New 'Flip' Start and End points button; have the system start where you set the end.

- New backlash setting; get that little bit of slack out of your system gearing before the program starts.

- And last but not least a handful of minor bug reports were knocked out and long gone!




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  • Avatar
    Marcus Struzina

    I've been using the iOS app successfully, just wondering if speed ramps and different move lengths (perhaps even multiple key frames) for different axes are on the roadmap for the iOS NMX app?

  • Avatar
    Jay Burlage

    Indeed Marcos! we're working hard on NMX Motion 2.0 the next version will have advanced motion curves.

  • Avatar
    Sean Foley

    Loving the app so far! Any update on v2.0? Ramping starts and stops would be a huge plus

  • Avatar
    Jay Burlage

    NMX Motion V2 has been submitted to Apple for approval.. The knock on wood short wait begins.

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