Pro Extreme 23000mAh Users Guide

Using the Battery

The Pro Extreme 23000mAh battery includes a power cable, when you connect the cable to the DC Output (labeled on the bottom of the battery) the battery will power on automatically and display the current voltage and the remaining charge NOTE: although they look very similar only one end of the power cable (the 2.5mm side) will fit into the DC Output port. The other end is standard for Dynamic Perception DC input ports (2.1mm).  Simply disconnect the power chord from the battery output to turn the battery off.

Charging the Battery

Simply plug the included DC adapter into a power main and the other end to the Input port on the battery (labeled on the bottom of the battery). The display screen will light up and display the current charge level. Once fully charged you can disconnect the battery from the adapter. NOTE: The DC adapter included with the Pro Extreme 23000mAh battery CAN connect directly to the MX3 or NMX with motors attached and power the system! =)

Changing the Voltage

Both input and output must be disconnected to change the output voltage. Hold the power button for approximately 5 seconds, the voltage indicator will blink letting you know that it can be changed, press the power button briefly and you can cycle between 9, 12, 16, 19 and 20 Volts. (note all Dynamic Perception controllers require at least 12V to run motors)


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    john barnett

    Article helped. What is the best Voltage to use to connect the battery to the NMX? Does the Best Voltage setting change with the number of stepper motors attached? or 12V all the time?

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