Quick Change Motor System Install & Overview (video)

Introduction to the Quick Change System and EZ-Swap DC motors for Dynamic Perception Stage One and Stage Zero motion control dolly systems. As an example the system allows for a fast transition from low RPM motors for time-lapse shooting to real-time video shooting using faster RPM motors and the AT2 Motion Controller without requiring tools in the field.

Quick Change System:
EZ-Swap DC Motor Line:
AT2 Real-time Motion Controller:

This video covers:
- Installation of the Quick Change System (QCS) on a Stage One dolly (similar process on Stage Zero)
- Tips on how to thread the dolly system belt
- How to swap motors once the QCS is installed
- Motor speed demonstration illustrating different RPM choices and their effects on real-time video footage

The Quick Change System provides:
- Easy swaps between motor speeds in the field, no tools required
- Fast transitions between time-lapse and real-time video shooting 
- Frees the cart for quick in-setup shot framing

Works as a add on for all Stage Zero and Stage One dolly systems

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