What are the differences between the Stage Zero and Stage One dolly slider packages?

Dynamic Perception provides everything you need to quickly create stunning dynamic time-lapse movies in the thrilling world of motion control photography. Our open source MX2 controller (included in both Stage Zero and Stage One bundles) unleashes precise camera and motor control while our dolly slider configurations meet every photographer's specific ruggedness and portability needs. 

Stage Zero

The Stage Zero system is our least expensive and most durable brute of a dolly slider package. 

It's built around a simple and almost indestructible 6 foot (or custom length) #1030 dark blue anodized 80/20 rail. We utilized as many inexpensive and easily sourced off-the-self components and a DC motor controlled by the MX2. 

It's become the timelapser's dependable workhorse, able to move the biggest and most strangely balanced configurations, run through the mud and keep on shooting.

Open the box, attach the dolly to the rail and your ready to roll!

Stage One

The Stage One system is a slick ultra-light and ultra-portable collapsible dolly slider package utilizing beautifully engineered and precisely manufactured Dynamic Perception components.

Built around threaded detachable tubular rails, the Stage One packages ships ready to travel with these high precision and almost infinitely expandable connectable rails.

Packable, hike-able, carry-on-able, the Stage One is hands down one of the most portable and limitless sliders on the market. It's ready to go wherever you need to be. Looking to shoot full motion video too? The Stage One system serves a dual-design for buttery smooth manual non-motorized and motorized movement. 

Whether you're brand new to camera motion control or a seasoned pro, DP has the inspired gear and know-how to get you moving and keep you there: hackable, expandable and truly unlimited on any budget. Choose a system and get your pictures moving now. 


Additional Requirements:

Dolly slider packages do not include cameras or support tripods. Additionally a ball head is recommended to support your camera on either system's cart.  

Demonstration Video:

Take a look at this customer submitted video of the Stage Zero and Stage One in action. 

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