How do I charge the 2700mAh Portable Power Pack?

1. Plug the charger into a wall outlet and connect the battery via the power output.

2. Turn the battery switch to the ON position.

3. You will see a green light on the charger while the battery is charging and this light will turn off when the charge is complete (may take upto 8 hours if fully depleted)

4. Unplug the battery and use the included power chord to connect to your device.

5. Remember to turn the battery switch off when not in use.

Important Note: The 2700mAh battery charger is a trickle charger and is not designed to power the MX2, MX3 or AT2 directly with motors attached. Do not attempt to use the battery charger to power your system!

Battery maintenance: The last thing you want is to arrive at your location and find out your battery has failed. To avoid this situation remember to charge your battery after using it, you can simply leave it on the charger or after a fresh charge store it with the battery switch off.  One of the more common situations we see is users letting the battery run down very low and then putting it into storage. If the battery is stored with only a slight charge or if the battery switch is accidentally left on the battery can slowly discharge down to nothing. If the battery reaches absolute 0% charge it's going to fail. This is not unique to our battery, it's the same with any Lithium Ion battery on the market today, so try to keep it's charge up and the switch off when your putting any Li-Ion battery into storage.

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