Quick Snap Kit Installation (PDF and online guide)

Quick Snap Installation

PDF link for download

Important note for users updating the legacy motor (with silver square base): when un-mounting the old motor take extra care and observe instructions for the legacy Stage Zero Assembly Guide . When the motor mounts are released the silver motor gearbox can fall apart at the seam.

1. Locate Quick Snap mount plate & mount screws

2. Line up shaft with the largest hole and secure using the mount screws

3. Loosen the drive pulley lock screws and slide onto shaft with lock screws up

4. Line the top of the drive pulley with the bottom of the plate

5. Firmly secure the two lock screws locking the pulley onto the shaft

6. Locate the two idler pulleys

7. Remove and dis-guard the caps that hold the idler assembly together and secure the two idler pulleys onto the bottom of the cart. 

8. Locate the motor, snap motor mount and 4 mount screws

9. Line the motor mount holes up with the 4 taps on the face of the motor

10. Prepare the screws in the mount holes

11. Firmly secure the screws with a standard Phillips screwdriver 

12. To mount the motor line the flat part of the motor shaft with the inner flat of the quick snap shaft

13. Line the motor mount bracket up with the quick snap plate and press to 'snap' into place. To un-mount the motor simply pull it out of the plate. 



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