Packing for travel

To pack the Stage One for transport, disassemble the unit completely according to the assembly instructions.  The following tips will help to ensure a long life for your slider, and aid in preventing damage during transport:

  1. Always pack the rail tubes separate from the cart, endcaps, and mid-span supports to prevent scratching and gouging of the rails
  2. Always replace the rubber covers over the end of the rail tubes to prevent damage to the threads, and to keep them clean
  3. Ensure that belt clip bolts are tightly attached before packing, to prevent loss of belt clips during transport
  4. Ensure that friction brakes are fully threaded into the cart before packing, to prevent loss of friction brakes during transport
  5. Keep rail tubes in a package with a firm exterior to prevent bending of the tubes
  6. Never travel with rail extensions connected together to prevent bending of the tubes or damage to the threaded couplers
  7. For best results, always transport the Stage One in its original packaging
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