Stage One Slider Assembly (PDF and online guide)

Stage One Assembly

PDF link for download

Start by installing the Quick Snap mount plate and pulley system: LINK

Locate one of the Stage One rail ends, loosen the rail lock handles in preparation to mount the rails.

Slide the male side of the rail through the end and tighten the lock handle

Repeat on the other side and NOTE that after tightening you can pull up on the cam style lock handle and they will freely rotate to be positioned in any direction.  Point both of the knobs down the rail, in this position they will serve as safety stops for the cart.

Optional: use the rail caps to protect the male threads while in use.

Add additional rail sections by threading end to end, take care threading to prevent cross threading. They should go together easily, do not force.

Slide the cart onto the rails from the end, make sure the motor side of the cart is on the belt side of the rail (indicated by the red line).

Loosen the lock handles on the second end and slide onto the opposite end of the rails.

Tighten the lock handles to secure the rails, again after tightening pull upwards on the cam handle to allow for free rotation and point the end of the handle toward the rails to serve as an emergency stop for the cart.

Locate the belt and loosen the belt clip on one end of the rails. Mesh the belt with the belt clip and guide the belt around the rounded belt guide.

Thread the belt under the center of the cart and around the first black idler pulley, then thread the belt between the idler pulley and the toothed drive pulley and out the side of the cart

Thread the belt back around the toothed drive pulley and between the idler and drive pulley. Then round the second idler pulley and pull the belt slack from the middle under the cart.

Loosen the opposite end belt clip and guide the belt to the opposite end, round the belt guide, make sure there are no twists, pull the belt taught and mesh with the belt clip teeth.  Tighten the belt clip and repeat the process on the other side ensuring there is no slack in the belt and the belt is fully meshed with the toothed drive pulley on the cart.




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