How do I choose the right motor speed?

Our EZ-Swap DC Motors are quieter, more powerful, and come with a wider range of speeds than our original DC Motors.

Swappable DC motors allow dollys with the Motor Quick Change System (optional) installed to easily change between motor speeds in the field without needing tools. If you do not have the quick change system the motor can be simply fixed to the cart with 4 screws.

How to choose the right motor speed: 
Motor Speeds are variable up to the max speed listed and different speed and torque characteristics should be considered depending on your needs. Consider the speed and torque chart below.

RPM Max Speed and Max Load (max load corresponds to vertical lift, horizontal moves will provide less motor strain (and allow heavier loads).
1.56 (5.48 inches/min) Max Load 20 lbs
8.13 (28.5 inches/min) Max Load 17 lbs
21.58 (75.75 inches/min) Max Load 15 lbs
42.13 (147.88 inches/min) Max Load 10 lbs

Typical uses:
The 1 RPM motor is the strongest of the motors and is usually only required for special situations where very heavy loads are encountered.
(most common) The 8 RPM motor is traditionally the go to choice for time-lapse work, it's got a good mix of strength and accuracy for slower moves. 
(most common) The 21 RPM motor is good for mid-range video moves being a little stronger than the fastest motor and having a better ability to do vertical lifts.
The 42 RPM motor is good for quicker video moves but lighter payloads (<~10lbs) moves.

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