How do I transport the Stage Zero Dolly?

If you're on a short trip or know you can avoid hard hits to the system you can leave it fully assembled (it's a good idea to 'unsnap' the motor though) and transport in a basic padded Ski Bag.  They can be found at ski shops or various sources online:

If you're in for a long haul it's best to remove the cart, belt and belt holders from the rail and store them in a case (Pelican for example or your camera bag).  Then you're only left with the structural rail to protect for the trip. There's a variety of ways to safely transport the rail:

-Probably the least expensive DIY solution is a simple 4" PVC pipe with caps:

youtube video example )

-A solid & ready to go solution is fishing rod transport cases that can be found for about $50:

Flambeau 6085 )

-A more flexible and fancy solution is a hard ski transport by (these cases can usually fit a pair of tripods along with the rail)

Most airlines take a pair of skis or rod case so the 6' length is not a problem for flying. We've also heard that picking up a 4' length of rail and using a golf transport/travel case works great and has plenty of room to spare for tripods and other production equipment.


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