Time-lapse Post-processing Workflows (video)

Shooting a series of photos is only half of the job of creating amazing timelapse films.  The other part is taking all those photos and creating a movie from them.   There are a myriad of workflows out there using free to expensive software for basic to advanced users.   In this video we show one professional workflow using Adobe BridgeCamera Raw and After Effects.    For those of you who don’t own these programs, free 30 day trials can be downloaded from

As an open-source hardware company we also want to provide you with information on alternative workflows using inexpensive or free and open-source software. Below we’ll break down some of these options and give links to the software and relevant time-lapse tutorials:

PhotoLapse is a freeware jpg to avi convertor for creating time-lapses.

Timelapse Assembler
Timelapse assembler is donationware for Mac OSX 10.6 or higher.

TimeLapseTool is a free program for creating time-lapses for Windows.

Virtual Dub
A free editing program for Windows.

iMovie is free for Mac users.



Program with a lot of great features as a low price. Also with the great RAWblend program that assists with EXR editing for smooth exposure changes over time.

Quicktime Pro
One of the simplest and most popular quick workflows.

Adobe Premiere Elements
An inexpensive version of Premiere. We couldn’t find a time-lapse tutorial, but it should just be a matter of importing an image sequence.

Light room can be used to create time-lapses using templates.  You can download some of these templates here:

  • This tutorial breaks down a standard Lightroom time-lapse:
  • A more advanced and very interesting workflow can be achieved using a free program called LRTimelapse.   With LRTimelapse you can change all of the RAW develop settings over time with key-frames.  This gives you a great amount of control over adjustments and you don’t need Lightroom, this can be used as a part of many different workflows, including the one in our video above.

Adobe Premiere
Compiling time-lapse using only Premiere:

Final Cut Pro
A quick method to create a time-lapse straight in Final Cut Pro 7:

Sony Vegas Pro
Using Sony Vegas to create your time-lapse:

Each of these workflows can take some time to perfect,  but through practice, patience and experimentation you’ll find a comfortable work-flow to create beautiful time-lapses.  Have other work-flows that you want to share?  Let us know in the comments below!

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