Supporting the Stage One and Shooting Underslung

The following rules should be observed when using the Stage One:

  1. Always use some sort of support system be it tripods, D-pods or Bi-pods.
  2. When using tripods, legs, or other support devices, ensure that they are fully secured/locked before use
  3. Make sure that all support components are placed with good footing and may not lose their stance or topple over

At a minimum, a support of some sort should be provided for every 40" (or two extension sets) of free travel.

Using Tripods for Support

Both end caps and the mid-span supports have standard 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes.  These mount points can be used to attach quick release plates, or tripod legs directly.  Please note that as these holes are to either side on the mid-span supports, it is recommended to alternate the orientation of each mid-span such that your tripods are not all offset to the same side.

Quick Table-Top Support

If you are using the Stage One in a manual slider configuration, you can easily use it up to four feet long on a table top without additional support by installing the cart upside down on the rails, such that the belt clips are facing down, away from the cart.  In this way, you may simply place the slider on a table top, or other level surface without additional supports.

The Stage One is capable of shooting underslung, such that the camera is located below the track.  To do this, you will need to support the rig properly.  Please note that the total length of the rail will be limited to 60" as you can only support the Stage One from the ends when shooting underslung.

You should use at least one mid-span support for every extension section on the Stage One when shooting underslung. Failure to use the correct number of mid-span supports may result in the rails compressing together, and the cart slipping off of the rail, causing damage to your camera.

Underslung Shooting as a Manual Slider

This is the easiest way to shoot underslung.  When manually pushing the cart you only need to reverse the orientation of the cart so that it is installed with the belt clips on the opposite side of the rail.  Now, you may use the standard mount points on the end caps to support the unit.

Underslung Shooting as a Motorized Slider

To shoot underslung in a motorized configuration, you will need to move two mid-span supports to the top of the rail (such that they are on the same side as the cart), and push them all of the way out to the ends of the rail, or wherever you want the limit of travel to be.  Mount your supports as normal, and flip the slider over.


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