How do I complete a purchase after receiving a quote?

Contact us at and we'll gladly create a custom bundle or provide you with a quote on a particular system bundle. When we do this we'll let you know what your login information is when we respond to your RFQ.

If you would like to complete an order based on the quote provided here are the steps to take (IMPORTANT: when you complete this process email us at and let us know what your order number is so there are no shipping delays):


1. Click on 'My Account' in the upper right of the main webstore page to access your account

2. Enter your login information, we usually provide you with a basic password but if you have trouble email us at for assistance.

3. Click on 'Review orders/track packages'

4. Click 'View or Change Order

5. Double check your shipping and billing address information, change your shipping speed if you would like a different shipping method. C -> MAKE SURE YOUR BILLING INFORMATION MATCHES THE ADDRESS YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY HAS ON FILE.

6. With all the shipping and billing info correct now click on 'CHANGE' under payment to enter your credit card information.

7. Choose 'Credit Card' as your method of payment

8. Enter your credit card information and click CONTINUE

9. Your order is now ready, use the 'print invoice' button if you would like an invoice for your records. EMAIL US AT SALES@DYNAMICPERCEPTION.COM WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER, we will double check your order and place it in the shipping queue! Thanks!




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