MX3 Controller Basics - EZ Timelapse Mode Operation and System Overview (Video)

Jay walks us through the MX3 controller's new powerful EZ mode. 

EZ Timelapse Mode - MX3 Firmware 1.1 from Dynamic Perception on Vimeo.

Firmware verson 1.1 introduces EZ mode which uses the current interval and input focal length (FL) to automatically set the speed (in continuous) or distance per shot (in SMS) of the motors to produce fluid smooth motion in your final rendered film. This is particularly helpful with new users who are learning the nuances of time based motion control or for advanced users who want quick setup.

Do you have the latest firmware? Check by restarting your controller and reading the firmware version number during the boot up process.

Firmware update files and instructions can be found here:

EZ mode sets a pre­determined base speed for each axis that can be adjusted to taste faster or slower. It also simplifies the main screens to 3 pages (main program, camera & motors)

This mode works in both Continuous and SMS motion modes and will also let you know if the desired speed cannot be achieved in Continuous mode and will advise you to switch to SMS mode.

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